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About Writing Doozy

Make no mistake about it: the freelance writing terrain can be very unforgiving if you start on the wrong foot.

I wouldn’t want anyone to repeat my mistakes.

You also don’t have to make $1 per article, just like I did, because you’re a beginner (read my story below).

And no, you don’t need a background in journalism or writing to start and be successful. Many top earners in this niche don’t have it. I too don’t.

Allow me to hold your hand and point you in the right direction.

With the right help, you can succeed as a professional writer and/or blogger.

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                                  Mercy-Mmbone - Writing Doozy                                     

About Mercy Mmbone

Hey, I'm Mercy. I'm a professional SEO writer and blogger from Kenya and the face behind Writing Doozy. I’ve been a freelance writer since 2013.

Before I ventured into writing, I used to do door-to-door sales jobs that paid peanuts. 

Then one day I came across an ad for a company looking for freelance writers in my neighborhood and decided to apply.

Surprisingly, I was shortlisted.

The company was paying $1 per 500 words. I was excited when I made $2 on the first day. I thought it was a good start.

When I went back the following day, I was told there were no assignments for me on that day.


I went back home disappointed. And that was when I started looking for freelance writing jobs online.

My first few months were frustrating.

I was applying for jobs but I was not getting any responses. I pretty much felt hopeless but I kept doing it, anyway.

Things began to change when I discovered iwriter in December 2012. And that's where my freelance writing career began...

My first assignment on iwriter was a 2000-word-article from which I made around $11.

I later joined Elance, then UpWork, that is, after Elance merged with oDesk.

After working for these content mills for sometime, I had the urge to earn more. And, so I decided to create a website.

I'm so glad I managed to break free from content mills, because that’s when my success began.

Today, though I made a lot of mistakes with my previous websites, I earn a full-time income.

And, I'm here to show you exactly how to make money freelance writing and blogging, just like I do.

To see what I share on my social media platforms, then let's be friends - connect with me.