70 Blog Post Ideas: What Can You Write About in a Blog

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Blog post ideas


It’s one thing to create a website; it’s quite another to write compelling blog posts and keep the ideas flowing.

There have been many times when I brainstormed what I thought were original blog topics ideas, only to find out that someone has already written about them!

The harsh truth is that practically every topic under the sun is already covered.

Luckily, not everything on the internet exactly qualifies as great content. And this is something to be excited about.



That means that if you do a better job, you can stand out, build an audience, and achieve your blogging goals.

In this post, I’ve compiled 70 of what I believe are great blogging ideas. Read through and choose what you think may work for your blog.


1. Expert Interviews


If you feel like you’ve run out of blog topic ideas, you can spice up your blog and keep the content flowing by interviewing successful people in your niche. Interviews make great reads and industry expert tips will always attract attention.


2. Minimalist lifestyle

The minimalist lifestyle is catching on. Many people want to live with less and are looking for experts to tell them how. If you are a minimalist yourself, why not document your journey in your blog and share useful tips?


3. Traveling on a budget

Lots of folks want to travel regularly, but traveling is expensive. If you can show them how to travel on a budget, you can generate a good deal of traffic to your blog.


4. Review products and services

Product review sites are very popular among consumers.

If you do it right, there is a lot of money to be made through affiliate marketing. The key here is to stick with types of product and/or service in your niche.


5. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects



DIY posts are highly sought after because they help us design unique and useful stuff and give our homes a makeover at incredibly low costs.

From home décor ideas to designing sophisticated stuff like drones, there are countless projects that you can guide your audience through.


6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is one of the epoch-making discoveries of our time that will define the future of humankind, and the number of AI enthusiasts is growing.

There’s also a lot of misconception about the technology in the general population, and you could use your blog to set the record straight.


7. Living a healthy lifestyle

The sharp rise in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease is forcing people to adopt health-conscious lifestyles.

Many online searchers are looking for solutions and tips for healthy living.


8. Fitness for busy people

While we appreciate the need to exercise regularly to maintain fitness, not many can find the time to go to the gym regularly.

Many busy people want effective workout routines that they can do for a few minutes at home.


9. Parenting

Parenting is difficult. Many first-time parents don’t know how to deal with the challenges of raising up children and will find great value in anything that will make their work easier and even fun.

The best part is this topic will never go out of fashion.


10. Crypto-currencies

The rise in popularity of crypto-currencies led by Bitcoin has been nothing short of sensational. There is massive interest in the digital currencies both as investment ideas and as media of exchange.

You can tap into this interest by updating your audience on the latest developments in the crypto-currency world.


11. Personal development

Everybody wants to experience growth; both personally and professionally. If you can motivate people to be better at something, there are diverse groups of people that you can target.


12. Relationship advice


People are getting in and out of relationships on a daily basis. Some are still searching for their soul mates, and others want to rekindle the fire in their relationships. All these people will benefit from relationship advice.


13. Recipes

Who doesn’t want to try a new recipe once in a while? If you have excellent culinary skills, you can generate a lot of traffic for your site by sharing your recipes with the world.


14. Vegan diet

Veganism is the latest trend in the food industry. The number of people going vegan is expected to explode in the coming decades. Ideas for meat-alternative diets can attract massive traffic to your website.


15. Celebrity gossip

Celebrities such as musicians, sports players, and movie stars have large followings. Any controversial news concerning their personal lives is always going to generate massive interest from their followers.


16. Management of personal finances

Many individuals need help to get hold of their personal finances and achieve their financial goals. You can create a lot of value by giving practical tips on how to cut down on expenses and save more money.


17. Urban Gardening

Urban gardening is a topic that many urban dwellers will show interest in.

Just give them ideas on how they can grow enough fruits, herbs, and vegetable to feed their families in the little spaces of their homes.


18. Politics

Political blogs have massive potential because anyone who has an interest in the affairs of their country is a potential audience.

One of the best ways to stand out is by focusing on controversial topics. Such topics usually catch the eye and evoke sharp reactions.


19. Football (soccer)

Football is the most popular sport with billions of fanatical football fans scattered around the world.

Your posts can receive millions of views if you can provide these football fans with the latest news on their favorite teams and players.


20. Myth-busting

Every concept that is difficult to understand is usually shrouded in myth. There are myths in virtually every industry waiting to be debunked.

People are usually very surprised when they finally realize that what they held as truth for a long time was fiction.


21. Job interviews

Job interviews are make-or-break moments for interviewees, and everybody needs some help to prepare to give the best account of themselves.

You can talk about the appropriate interview dress codes for different industries and how to answer tricky interview questions.


22. Funny posts


funny posts

As they say, a good laugh is good for the soul. Funny posts will always receive views, and if shared on social media, they have the potential to go viral and even drive leads.


23. Gift ideas

Maintaining an element of surprise is crucial with gifts. Therefore, many go to the internet searching for new gift ideas.

Many others don’t even know the appropriate gifts for different occasions and need to be pointed in the right direction.


24. How to make money online

From writing compelling articles for freelance clients to affiliate marketing, the internet has opened up many opportunities for people to make money online.

Those in employment want to earn extra income, and those who prefer to work from home are looking for ways to earn a full income working online.


25. Using technology in education

Technology is increasingly finding use in the classroom. You can target educators and students with your posts by showing them how to integrate different technologies in education to enhance learning.


26. Self-defense tips

As long as criminals are lurking in the streets waiting to attack people physically, people will always want to know how they can defend themselves and their loved ones in different situations.


27. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a growing menace that’s proving to be just as bad as traditional bullying. It has been directly linked to suicidal thoughts especially among adolescents and children.

You can write resourceful articles on how to help victims of cyber-bullying.


28. Blogging about Car buying, repair and maintenance 

Many individuals would like to acquire basic car buying, repair and maintenance knowledge so that they can save both time and money.

If you are an expert in these blog topics, you can share easy to read and understand tips with your audience.


29. Prenatal care 

From morning sickness to backaches and swollen limbs, pregnancy comes with its challenges and discomforts.

You don’t have to be a woman’s health professional to help expectant mothers grapple with these challenges. You can just share lessons from your experiences.


30. Guides for beginners

One of the best ways to make the best use of your skills is by writing guides for beginners in your niche or industry.

Beginner guides will always be popular because every year people make resolutions to acquire new skills.


31. Charity



charity work

Many new charitable organizations struggle to raise enough funds for their causes. On the other hand, some philanthropists need help to identify charitable causes that they intend to support.

A charity or fundraising blog can bring the two together.


32. Internet marketing

Online marketing is a big niche, and you can set out to get a slice of it.

The e-commerce industry is booming, and more traditional businesses are marketing their products online. All these businesses want to know how they can harness the power of online marketing to increase their sale volumes.


33. Photography

The rise of social media, especially Instagram, has inspired many young people to take up photography as a full-time career.

You can share a few tricks with your audience on how to take the perfect pictures.


34. Web design for beginners

Web design has become incredibly easy thanks to blogging platforms like WordPress.org.

Even people with no background knowledge of coding can design fully functional sites if they can find someone who can guide them through it.


35. Study hacks in college

College life is fun. However, if the fun goes unchecked, it can get in the way of good grades and graduation.

College students are always looking for tips and tricks to help them get through school without having to give up the fun.


36. Public speaking tips


public speaking

Public speaking is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the biggest fears that people have. Your posts can get a lot of views if they can help people build confidence and be more articulate in front of audiences.


37. Language learning

The world is practically a global village, and many people are traveling across continents for studies, to seek better opportunities, to run away from conflict and for a holiday.

There is, therefore, a growing interest among people to learn foreign languages.


38. Entrepreneurship

It’s not easy to start and successfully grow a company. Stats show that 90% of startups eventually fail.

If you are a successful entrepreneur, you can use your blog to coach burgeoning entrepreneurs in your industry.


39. Book reviews

You can review books if you are an avid reader. Book review posts are crucial for book marketing.

Authors usually approach book review bloggers with substantial audiences to feature their books as they seek to boost their sales.


40. History

The history of different places, cultures, and people is intellectually enriching and helps people increase their understanding of the world they live in.

Some of the audiences you can target are students, travelers, and curious individuals.


41. Robotics

Robotics is another popular technology topic that you can cover.

Many aspiring engineers who want to pursue a career in robotics, robotics entrepreneurs, and robotics enthusiast will find value in this topic.


42. Fashion




Fashion is a massive industry, and if you play your cards well you can be invited to work with big clothing brands in their promotion and marketing campaigns.

If you are a prospective fashion designer yourself, you can launch and market your outfits on your blog.


43. Beauty

Starting a beauty blog is a great way to document your experiences with the beauty products that you’re using and advice your audience on what works and what doesn’t.

You’ll have to be very creative to stand out and establish yourself in this niche.


44. Eco-tourism

The global awakening to the adverse effects of human activity on the plant is raising the level of environmental awareness.

Eco-tourism is growing, and as a result, more and more people see the need to preserve nature.


45. Personal stories

Personal stories are powerful and can inform, inspire and instruct.

A blog like “Humans of New York” which features the stories of people from all walks of life currently has 18 million followers on Facebook.


46. Firearm

From comprehensive reviews on guns, gun accessories and gun gears reviews to gun news and training tips, there is just a lot of useful information that you can write for gun enthusiasts.


47. Technology in SMEs

Technology is key to the growth of small-to-medium enterprises and can help them compete with large corporations.

Show entrepreneurs how they can leverage different technologies to increase efficiency in their startups.


48. Marriage counseling



marriage counselling

When two people from entirely different backgrounds commit to living together, some disagreement bound to occur. And if the friction is not resolved, it can threaten the stability of that union.

Therefore, many couples are looking for advice to resolve conflict and have a happy marriage.


49. Survival

The world is increasingly becoming an uncertain place. Many people are deeply aware of this and want to prepare for the worst.

Some of the existential threats that the humankind faces on a daily basis are nuclear warfare, bio-hazards, and natural disasters.


50. Best blogs for each category

This is about showing your audience where they can get the best information on a particular subject.

While there’s a lot of information on the internet, it can be difficult to know what to trust.


51. Cycling

Cycling is growing as a sport, as a means of commuting to work, and as a way of maintaining body fitness for both the young and the old.

You could review bikes, document your cycling routes, highlight the benefits of cycling and so on.


52. Internet of things (IoT)

Through the interconnection of devices through the internet, IoT promises to change the way people work and live.

If you are a techie, you could keep track of the progress in IoT and keep your audience updated.


53. Hunting

People love hunting because it can be a great way to spend quality time with family, enjoy nature, exercise and get quality protein.

As a blogger, there is hunting gear to be reviewed and hunting tips and experiences to be shared.


54. Fishing

Fishing is both a popular sport and a big economic activity. This means that there is a lot to write on this topic and it won’t be difficult to get an audience.


55. FAQs




Compiling all the common questions that you receive and responding to them in one post can be very resourceful for your readers.

You can always refer new visitors to that post when they ask questions that you’ve answered before.


56. Surfing

Surfing is a fast growing industry and like with any sport, there are always beginners who need help to learn the ropes.


57. Renewable energy

With global warming pushing the planets towards a potentially-irreversible tipping point and carbon emissions from fossil fuels considered as major contributing factors, renewable energy sources like solar and wind are increasingly being seen as the future of energy.


58. Time management

Time management is a real struggle. Many people will acknowledge that they could be more productive if they could break from poor habits of managing their time.


59. Creative writing

Young and upcoming writers are looking for insights and tips on writing, publishing and marketing their work.

They’ll also benefit from warnings about scams that they might encounter in their careers.


60. Video game tactics

Some video game tasks and levels are so difficult to complete that gamers go online looking for people who can show them how to ace them.

As a gamer, you can also review and recommend video games.


61. Troubleshooting computer problems

There are millions of people going online every day searching for troubleshooting solutions for a myriad of computer issues.


62. Landscaping

More and more people are becoming intentional and particular about keeping their yards.

Good landscaping can also increase the value of a home. Therefore, landscaping ideas will always be welcome.


63. Pets




There are millions of pet owners around the world. This implies that pet care articles are in demand.


64. Camping

Camping as a social activity is on the up especially among millennials, and its health benefits are well documented.

As a seasoned camper, you can share camping hacks, tricks, and fun bonding activities to help campers have a great time.


65. How to play a musical instrument

People love music, and many intend to learn to play at least one musical instrument.

There are also many aspiring musicians that can benefit from a musical instrument blog.


66. Virtual reality

Virtual reality is an interesting topic because the technology has found use in healthcare, research, engineering, space and military training.


67. Business writing skills

Excellent communication skills are crucial for success in the corporate world. If you can show professionals how to write better business documents, you can get a lot of visitors on your blog.


68. Muscle building

The current society has definitions for the perfect bodies of both sexes. Men are particularly under immense pressure to build muscles, and many are looking for workout routines just for that purpose.


69. Yoga




There are a lot of health benefits associated with yoga. That can explain why so many people are turning to it.

It’s an interesting topic to blog about if you are a yoga practitioner.


70. Recreational boating

Disposable incomes are increasing, and one recreational activity that has received a lot of interest is recreational boating.

There is plenty of valuable information that a well-weathered boater can share with a beginner.



If you felt stuck, I hope that by going through these blog post ideas, you’ve jump-started your mind.

As you’ve seen, there is a lot of stuff out there to write about. You just need to find your space in the blogosphere and lay claim to it.

Just remember that blogging is basically about creating value for your visitor. And you create value by solving problems.


What other blog post ideas would you recommend? Let me know in the comments.
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