15 Free Freelance Writing Job Boards for Beginners


15 Free Freelance Writing Job Boards for Beginners


I’ll be brutally honest; if you truly want quality jobs, you wouldn’t even look at job boards for freelance writers – you would instead go directly to potential client websites.


Searching for potential clients might take countless hours scouring through the billions of websites online.

Therefore, job boards can help supplement your own efforts in finding the right clients.

To find the right job boards, you first need to know which types of job boards exist:

  • general job boards
  • general writer job boards
  • membership job boards
  • niche writer job boards

Each type offers unique benefits in helping you get the right jobs in your niche, speeding up your job search, providing multiple options and more.

I’ll show you how exactly you benefit from each while providing examples of 15 quality job boards freelance writers should know.


General writer job boards

General writer job boards cut down your search through piles of jobs in multiple industries. Since they are focused on writing, the sites can put extra effort into identifying as many quality writing-related jobs as possible.

Have you tried these out?


ProBlogger job board for freelance writers





You’ll find numerous jobs on ProBlogger’s job board.

The fact that potential clients must pay to post any jobs helps keep out scammers. ProBlogger requires a $70 payment to post a job for 30 days on the site.

It’s free for freelancers searching for jobs.

Rates on this site can vary from as low as $7 to as much as $300 per article. Therefore, it’s up to you to identify high-paying jobs worth your time and effort.

The site continuously updates jobs, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.


FreelanceWriting.com job board for freelance writers




FreelanceWriting.com saves you the trouble of searching through multiples sites for freelance writing jobs. The site features writing jobs carefully selected from such websites as Craigslist, Ed2010, Mediabistro, BloggingPro, and Indeed.

The website’s “Morning Coffee” newsletter offers an even more refined selection of 8 best writing jobs of the week. Make sure to subscribe to it.

Besides, employers can post their jobs exclusively on FreelanceWriting.com.

Since the site also gives employers the option to get their content written through Compose.ly, you can sign up on Compose.ly too.


Freelance Writing Jobs job board for freelance writers


Freelance Writing Jobs


Freelance Writing Jobs has done the work of searching through general job boards like Craigslist and Indeed to pick out only freelance writing jobs.

But the site doesn’t post just any writing job. You won’t find jobs that don’t pay or offers to be paid in traffic or revenue bonuses. Any job posted must pay money (not rewards, coupons or anything else) and it should be more than $15. Academic paper services aren’t allowed on the site either.


Be a Freelance Blogger’s job board for freelance writers




Be a Freelance Blogger clearly indicates that they won’t allow anything below $0.10/word or $50 per blog on their job board.

It’s not as big as other job boards, but you’re always sure any job posted there is well-paying.

The site is owned by Sophie Lizard, an established freelance writer, and influencer. Therefore, subscribing to and interacting on the blog would also help build your network. Besides, you’ll be getting practical insights on the blog from someone who understands what freelancing is all about.


Membership job boards

An excellent membership site will provide real-time support as you search for jobs. Your subscription helps the site put extra effort and human resources in personalized guidance, including help with pitching to prospective clients.

Have a look at these:


Freelance Writers Den’s job board for freelance writers


The Freelance Writers Den


The Freelance Writers Den is a membership site founded by Carol Tice. Within it, you’ll get live training, e-courses, boot camps, 24/7 forum support, as well as a job board.

All these resources are designed to help you launch and grow your freelance writing career, but it’s not free. It costs $25 per month.

The job board only lists thoroughly vetted, well-paid gigs.

The job-board manager bans companies which have negative feedback. Hence, you won’t waste your time on bad employers.


Contena job board for freelance writers




Contena has a similar setup to The Freelance Writers Den.

Members get access to such resources as the Contena Academy to guide them in starting their freelance writing careers, and a success coach to help in the process. You’ll also access the job board featuring well-paying jobs carefully selected by the Contena staff.

If you subscribe to a full year membership, it will cost you $42 per month.

The job board features such freelance writing requests as web content writing, email marketing, copywriting, medical writing, content creation, editing, among others. Some of the niches you’ll find include sports, education, architecture, travel, food, business, accounting, social media, business, and finance.


Flex Jobs job board for freelance writers




Flex Jobs is all about flexible jobs: telecommuting, part-time, contract, freelance and flexible schedules.

Every job offer is human-vetted before posting on the site, to avoid job scams. So, you won’t find junk jobs, commission-only jobs, ads, or too-good-to-be-true business opportunities.

The site also prescreens approved employers who can contact candidates through the website.

To access the job board, you have to subscribe by paying a yearly fee of $49.95. The membership gives you other benefits like discounts on products and services to help you in your job search, including Lynda.com, Stamps.com, and Dell products.


Niche writer job boards

Once you’ve settled on a specific niche, you wouldn’t think twice about checking out niche writer job boards. Such job boards can identify highly specialized or exclusive jobs in your niche that other job boards cannot access or won’t list.

Here are some of the best:


Ed2010 job board for freelance writers




Ed2010 presents valuable opportunities for editorial writing.

The site takes a unique approach in keeping out scam jobs: employers offering paid jobs can post on the site for free, but those offering unpaid positions have to pay $30.

Although Ed2010 is suited for beginners, you’ll find pretty decent writing rates. According to the site, any job paying less than the New York City minimum wage ($11/hr) is considered an unpaid internship. So, you can expect any paid position on the site to offer more than $11/hr.

Ultimately, the unique attraction of Ed2010 is that all job posts give direct contacts to the hiring managers.


Sologig job board for freelance writers




Although the Sologig job board specializes in IT and engineering jobs, it’s a great place to find technical and report writing gigs.

CareerBuilder, a global human capital solutions company, is the parent company of Sologig.

Apart from searching through the job board, you can also post your resume and get automatic job alerts from the site.

One thing that keeps the job board free of scammers is the fee employers have to pay to post, starting from $251.40 for 1 job post to $195 for 12-17 job posts.

If you’ve picked IT or engineering as your niches, this job board will serve you well.


Krop job board for freelance writers




Krop is another niche job board, just like Sologig, but catering to designers and programmers. That makes it an excellent place to find freelance writing jobs in design and IT.

You’re sure to get such freelance writing jobs as copywriting and technical writing.

Employers have to pay to post a job, which costs $199 for a single job. That means you’ll find only serious companies hiring.

You can also catch the eye of prospective clients by posting your talent profile for free on the site. Employers pay $299 per month to search the Krop database of creative talent. Freelancers have the option to make a more significant impact by creating a freestanding portfolio on the website for a monthly fee of $8.25.


Journalism Jobs job board for freelance writers




Journalism Jobs is a great resource for journalists.

If you want to write for magazines, newspapers, and TV or radio stations, this site will help you a lot. Many reputable media companies have used the site, including ESPN, Slate.com, Time Magazine, USA Today, National Geographic Magazine, and C-Span.

The jobs have a wide range of pay rates, from low to high. And you can find both full-time and freelance jobs.

Since employers can pay to search for candidates, make sure to upload your resume on the site.

Searching and applying for jobs is free, while employers pay to advertise their jobs. That keeps it affordable for freelancers and free of scams.


Gorkana Jobs job board for freelance writers


Gorkana Jobs


Gorkana is another excellent platform for journalists, as well as PR professionals.

You’ll likely find such roles as copyeditor, editor, writer, and reporter. The media opportunities come from multiple industries, such as business, technology, finance, law and general news reporting.

The employers you may find include global news channels, local papers, and institutions like universities or companies.


WritingCareer.com job board for freelance writers




If your niche is creative writing, you’ll love WritingCareer.com.

The site helps poets and other creative writers find calls for submissions for prose and poetry. It’s a fantastic resource to find literary markets conveniently.

The site is a goldmine for poets, storytellers, essayists, English scholars, liberal arts students, bibliophiles, fictional world-builders, and other creative writers. You’ll find well-paying editors, publishers, and agents who don’t charge reading fees.


General job boards

Your writing experience might give you specific skills that make you a good candidate for an opening in other areas. Hence, general job boards can help you identify jobs even in related fields, not necessarily in writing.

Try these out:


Simply Hired or Indeed job board for freelance writers


Simply Hired


Indeed acquired Simply Hired. It’s now a publishing partner of Indeed, directing employers to posts on Indeed.

Both Simply Hired and Indeed display jobs in multiple industries – not just freelance writing.

Indeed charges employers between $0.1 and $5 per click from job seekers, which probably ensures only serious employers post on the site. However, it features both low- and well-paying jobs, so you’ll have to do the work in sifting through to find the best ones.

The great thing is that you’ll find jobs for multiple writing niches, including journalism, healthcare, business, food, social media, SEO, among others.

Indeed offers such features as salary insights and company reviews to help you make better job choices. The company reviews give you a sneak peek into what such organizations pay their workers. This should remove much of the guesswork when applying for jobs.


Glassdoor’s job board for freelance writers




Glassdoor features just about any job you can find anywhere; that includes freelance writing.

The site gives extensive insights on the companies hiring, so you can easily customize your cover letter and resume to suit the specific job. Besides, the more you know about a company, the lower the chances of being scammed.

If you’re a newbie who has no idea what to charge for your writing services, you can use the sites’ helpful insights on freelancers’ salaries. You’ll even get a more personalized estimate of what you’re worth, through an online tool that assesses your role, experience, company, and location.

Uploading your resume on the site will help in automatically submitting it whenever you apply for any job.

Best of all, it’s free to use.


4 extra job boards to check out

This list isn’t exhaustive, so you can do further research to find other job boards out there.

Here are a few extra you can try out:

  1. LinkedIn: some people build their entire careers off of this platform
  2. Mediabistro: media guys will love this site
  3. Paid to Blog Jobs: a membership job board



As a general rule, when evaluating the best job boards for freelance writers, check on the type of companies that typically advertise jobs on it, the screening requirements for job posting, and the potential benefits you’ll get from it.



Which freelance writing job board have you used and what was your experience? Share in the comments below.
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