Why I Love Grammarly: The Best Grammar Checker of 2018


Why I Love Grammarly_-The Best Grammar Checker of 2018



Do you know a simple typo can cost you more than $38 million?

That’s how much it cost American taxpayers in 1872, due to one misplaced comma in a tariff law.

No wonder more than 10 million people around the world use Grammarly to detect and eliminate such costly errors in writing.

I’ve used Grammarly since 2014. From my experience, the software’s proofreading and plagiarism-detection are in a class of their own.

That’s why I just had to write about Grammarly, which I consider to be the best grammar checker of 2018.


Should You Pay for Grammarly?

The best way to go about it is first signing up for the free account. You’ll discover so many errors in your content, just like I did.

But don’t get stuck there. You’ll get so much more from the premium version.

The first time I used the premium account, I never wanted to go back to the free version. I had been using the free account until one of my clients gave me access to the premium account. After my contract ended with the client, I couldn’t go back to using the free account.

The premium account’s benefits were just too valuable.

Without a doubt, the significant improvement I experienced in my article writing within a few months would have taken years without Grammarly.

By using Grammarly, I learned a lot of things. For example:

  • Passive voice should be 10% or less: Passive voice reduces reading ease and diminishes the impact of your content.
  • A sentence should be no more than 20 words long: You make fewer mistakes with shorter sentences, and it improves readability.

The content on my website follows these rules.

If you’re still concerned about the price, sign up for the free account. Then stay alert for discount emails on the premium plan. Thank me later.


And, do you know precisely why proper grammar is essential?


Why Is Proper Grammar Important?

If you’re freelance writing and blogging, proper grammar is a must. A simple online search will show that most reputable websites have great spelling and grammar.

So, if you want to have an authoritative blog, proper grammar is vital.

Grammar also affects SEO.

Google shies away from stating whether spelling and grammar affect page ranking in SERPs. However, it’s still on the table, as revealed in this video.



In practice, grammar already impacts site ranking. When you search for a misspelled word, for example in the screenshot below, Google instead gives you results featuring the correct spelling. That’s bad news for sites with spelling errors.


C:\Users\VICTOR\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\New Picture (6).bmp


On the other hand, Bing clearly states that grammar is a ranking factor.

Even if your site “miraculously” gets high ranking with grammatical errors, bad user experience will bring it down. Visitors will click away if they can’t easily read your content. And reputable sites won’t link to such material.

Fortunately, Grammarly can help polish up every single post you publish.


How Accurate is Grammarly and How Can It Help Writers?

Grammarly is more than a proofreading and plagiarism-detection tool.

The software provides a wide range of writing enhancement features, including:

  • 400 types of checks and functions
  • checking 250 grammar rules
  • giving vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • giving citation suggestions, and much more

Most of all, it’s not just another dumb robot like most grammar checkers.

Its most notable feature is the AI-powered corrections. It has context-specific algorithms which provide customized corrections – not just using a fixed template.

That’s how Grammarly can detect the wrong use “there” in this context:

There cow is gone.

The correct word should be “their”:

Their cow is gone.

Microsoft Word and Google Docs find no problem in the first sentence. Dumb robots, *sigh*.

Of course, you can detect this yourself. But such mistakes easily slip through the cracks when editing hundreds or thousands of words.

Let’s find out a bit more on how Grammarly compares to MS Word.


Grammarly vs. MS Word

Even Grammarly’s free version is more sophisticated than MS Word.

You felt like a super-geek after eliminating all highlighted spelling and grammar errors in Word. Then you check your document through Grammarly and find 12 critical issues.

Grammarly’s premium version is even more advanced.

The software can detect even less apparent issues. For example, can you identify the error in this sentence?

1 in 1000 mobile searches are for the best grammar checker.

There’s an error in subject-verb agreement. The plural verb, “are” doesn’t agree with the singular subject, “1”. The corrected sentence reads:

1 in 1000 mobile searches is for the best grammar checker.

Grammarly, the company, spent about four years perfecting its product through feedback from staff and students in universities. If anyone could give the best feedback on the intricacies of the English language, it would be academics. That’s how the company created an algorithm smart enough to understand English.


What Grammarly Checks

As you use Grammarly, you’ll become more proficient in English writing. That’s because the software gives valuable explanations about every error detected.

Here’s a sample of what it checks:

  • Conventions: includes proper spacing of words and punctuation
  • Formality: useful in refining the tone of your writing
  • Conciseness: features elimination of unnecessary words
  • Clarity: helps you write content that readers will understand
  • Vocabulary: gives better vocabulary suggestions, like replacing “very afraid” with “terrified”
  • Spelling issues
  • Grammar: for example, write “we’re stuck in traffic” instead of “we’re stuck at traffic”
  • Punctuation
  • Fluency: helps you write like a native speaker
  • Plagiarism: checks over 16 billion web pages

But its’ not just a one-size-fits-all proofread.

You can also customize Grammarly’s proofreading based on your unique preferences. If you have academic content, you certainly don’t want it checked like a casual social media post.

Using the “Set Goals” tab, customizes your proofreading based on:

  • Intent – Is your content designed to inform, describe, convince, or tell a story?
  • Audience – Are you targeting a general, knowledgeable, or expert audience?
  • Style – Is your content formal or informal?
  • Emotion – Does your content feature mild or strong feelings?
  • Domain – Includes academic, business, technical, creative, and casual fields.

Besides checking your document, the multifaceted tool also gives useful insights on your content.

The “Document Insights” section shows:

  • The total number of characters in your content – A useful feature for meta descriptions.
  • Reading time – You can place this on your published blog page.
  • The number of words in your content.
  • The speaking time.
  • The total number of sentences.
  • Vocabulary metrics compared to other Grammarly users, featuring percentage of unique and rare words.
  • Readability aspects such as average word length, average sentence length, and the readability score.

That’s enough to say, “Shut up and take my money!”


And there’s even more…

To make the software extremely user-friendly, the guys at Grammarly added many useful features, including:

  • accessing your documents on multiple devices via Grammarly.com
  • integration with Microsoft® Office (Windows only)
  • native desktop apps (Windows and macOS)
  • a personal dictionary – add your own words, so they don’t get flagged as misspellings
  • performance stats sent to your email

Based on their track record of continuous innovation, the guys at Grammarly are sure to come up with even more valuable features.


The Pros and Cons

Although Grammarly works better than other top grammar checkers, it does have some limitations. Fortunately, it has several features to deal with some of its limitations.


1. The pros

I’ve already covered Grammarly’s many positive features, so I won’t bore you by rehashing them. Here, I’ll mention the extras:

  • You get weekly status updates in the premium version, with insights on the words you’ve checked and your top errors.
  • You can access your account on up to five different devices.
  • There’s no page limitation when using Grammarly for Microsoft Word and Outlook.
  • The browser extension works just about everywhere there’s a text box.


2. The cons

  • Most people find it expensive
  • The document you upload shouldn’t exceed 4 MB. Since most text documents are typically just a few KB, that shouldn’t be a problem
  • Well, you’ll have to be a blogger on adrenalin to reach such limits (or a cheat, operating one account for multiple users)
  • Grammarly isn’t perfect. It overlooks more complex mistakes which require intuitive human intellect

Grammarly also has human proofreaders you can hire to check your content:

  • within 24 hours: $0.03 per word
  • in 3 hours: $0.12 per word
  • within 30 minutes: $0.32 per word


Who is Grammarly Good For?

Grammarly is a useful tool for anyone writing in English.

1.5 billion people in the world speak English. That’s already a potential Grammarly user base covering 20 percent of the global population.


1. Native English Writers

“But I’m a native English speaker. Do I need Grammarly?”

Yes, you do. And the statistics prove it:

  1. A study by Augusta University, USA, questioned the native-speaker linguistic advantage in academic writing. It showed writer experience overweighs native speaker status.
  2. In the US, an English-speaking nation, students find their academic preparation inadequate for precise and effective written correspondence at work.
  3. Professors complain that 50% of American high school graduates aren’t prepared for college-level writing.
  4. Even American employers claim 38% of recent high school graduates don’t have functional writing skill for work.


2. Non-Native English Writers

If English isn’t your first language, Grammarly will become one of your most valuable writing tools.

I’m a non-native English writer, and Grammarly has helped completely transform my writing. It’s mainly useful when writing in my client’s preferred English dialect, including American, British, Canadian or Australian English.

Just imagine turning into a native writer at the click of a button.


grammarly language preferences


3. Non-Writers

You don’t have to be a writer to benefit from Grammarly.

Do you use Facebook? Do you send emails? And, do you write business correspondence?

Through the free browser extension, wherever you write anything online, Grammarly will be right there to correct any mistakes.


grammarly for email


You certainly don’t want your employees posting error-filled social media updates. That will give your company a negative image.

What if you email a job application letter full of typos? Will you get a response?

You can avoid all that with Grammarly’s browser extension.

No wonder more than 600 leading universities and corporations have licensed Grammarly’s products.



Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Use Grammarly

Correcting your content using Grammarly involves a series of clicks.

It has a simple, user-friendly interface. You can quickly figure out everything on your screen with one glance.

Here’s the step-by-step process to correct your content:


1. Once you sign up and log into Grammarly.com you’ll find this:


grammarly premium


2. Click “New” (on the page in step i) if you want to: copy content from your Word document and paste it on Grammarly; or type content in Grammarly. The editor page will open up:



grammarly editor


3. Click “Upload” (on the page in step i) if you want to upload your Word document. A window will pop up. Search for and select the document you want to upload. When uploaded, it will maintain its original format.

You can upload the following file types: MS Word (.doc, .docx), OpenOffice (.odt), .txt and .rtf.


grammarly document upload


4. Once you upload your content, you’ll see two columns to the right, showing the identified errors. Just click on the highlighted correction and Grammarly will automatically update your content.



grammarly document editing


5. After making all necessary corrections, click on the download tab on the upper left side.


C:\Users\VICTOR\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\New Picture (8).bmp

The Price of Grammarly

As the saying goes, ’The best things in life (love, joy, happiness…) are free.’

But that’s a lie.

To have joy, and avoid cynicism and anger, requires continuous effort. To get love, you must invest time and effort to build and nourish your relationships.

Likewise, a little investment is necessary to enjoy the value that Grammarly has to offer.

Fortunately, the free Grammar Checker gives you a taste of the valuable service Grammar Checker. It offers only one of the many other features found in the premium version: critical grammar and spelling checks.

To experience truly AI-powered grammar checks, invest in one of the premium version plans:

  • monthly: $29.95/ month
  • quarterly: $19.98/ month, billed as one payment of $59.95
  • annual: $11.66/ month, billed as one payment of $139.95 (best value)


grammarly pricing


The yearly subscription is the best value. That’s why I always subscribe to this plan.

Compared to the monthly plan, where you’ll end up spending $359.40 after one year, you only pay $139.95 for the yearly plan. That’s a whole 61% saving ($219.45)!

There are a few other options to pay less than the maximum price:

  • If you have a business with at least three users, take up Grammarly Business and pay $10/ month for each team member.
  • For an educational institution, [email protected] offers group plans of $700/year for 10 users, $1,000/year for 20 users, $1,700 for 50 users, and customized plans for larger groups.



Try Grammarly and share your experience in the comments. If you’ve used it, what has been your experience? 
Grammarly eliminate grammar errors · Detects plagiarism · Correct your English writing with Grammarly.com
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