Social Warfare: Why Bloggers Need this WordPress Social Share Plugin

Social Warfare plugin

If you ever want your content to go viral, you must invest in the best social sharing plugin. Without a good social share plugin, your website might not reach its full potential.

You might have a loyal audience captivated by your content. But you’ll hardly turn most of them into your brand evangelists if you lack adequately designed social share buttons, like the powerful Social Warfare Plugin.

I’ve been using social warfare plugin on my website ever since I launched this blog and my experience with this plugin has been amazing.

But why do I only use Social Warfare and not the other social sharing plugins?

Well, without further ado here are 17 great reasons why I use Social Warfare as my social sharing plugin and I think you too, should.

1. Social Warfare will protect your content

Ever heard of Sniply?

It’s a scary thing that lets anyone hijack and place adverts on top of your content. It’s done in such a crafty way that readers who don’t check the URL address will assume they have opened your website. In reality, they’ll be on the Sniply website, but everything else shows they are on your site.

Here’s a video on how Sniply does that:

Using Frame Buster, Social Warfare keeps off such content hijackers.

This way, you can rest assured no one will take advantage of your hard work.

2. Social Warfare is light and fast

If your website loads too slowly, you’ll have a higher bounce rate.

How do you end up with a slow-loading site? One major cause is adding poorly coded plugins.

That’s likely the case if you pick any random, free social sharing plugin. Most probably, the developers of free plugins don’t have much incentive to perfect their product.

Warfare Plugins

Instead, you’d want to go for premium plugins.

Social Warfare pro is designed with a powerful, yet light-weight code base. This makes the share buttons load super-fast on your site.

You won’t have to worry about your site’s SEO.

3. Social Warfare is beautifully designed

The appearance of your site tells your readers what you have to offer before they even read your content.

Every feature on your site has to match your website design. Nothing should look odd or out of place, including the social share buttons. Moreover, just a few people will share your content if the share buttons are hardly visible and don’t attract their attention.

The Social Warfare plugin has beautifully designed and highly customizable share buttons to match any website look.

Beautifully designed

You can alter the share button shapes and colors to your exact specifications. Those customization options aren’t just limited to the admin panel, but you can also do more in-depth alteration through your theme’s CSS.

This will make your site as unique as possible.

The share buttons are guaranteed to look great on different screen sizes and resolutions. Being able to serve your visitors using different devices is a critical aspect since readers won’t just access your website on their desktops. 57% of website traffic comes from tablets and smartphones.

4. It includes top social networks and more

This social sharing plugin isn’t just limited to the top social networks. Besides the sharing buttons for top social networks available in the free version, Social Warfare pro offers extended sharing buttons for a greater list of social networking sites.

Sharing buttons for the top social networks include:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Google+
    • StumbleUpon
    • LinkedIn

Warfare Plugins

The Social Warfare Pro license extends such sharing buttons to include:

      • Reddit
      • Tumblr
      • WhatsApp
      • Buffer
      • Yummly
      • Flipboard
      • Pocket
      • Email
      • Hacker News

You don’t have to display all the sharing buttons. Just select the ones you want to appear on your site.

You can even alter the look of specific sharing buttons for particular social networking sites, to make them stand out from the rest.

5. It has multiple placement options

Where you place the share button can make a huge difference in the number of shares you get.

Some experiments by authoritative websites have shown that many people share articles without actually reading the content. Hence, you can conveniently take advantage of that by placing share buttons right under your headline.

The Social Warfare WordPress Social Sharing Plugin offers multiple other placement options:

      • above your blog post
      • below your blog post
      • above and below your content

You even have the option not to place the share buttons at all.

Beside those, two other options are particularly interesting: floating and manual placement.

multiple placement options

The floating share button remains static while your reader scrolls down your blog post. The point at which you reader feels inspired to share your content, she can conveniently click on the share button without having to search for it.

With manual placement, you can place share buttons in any random location within your content. You can even put a button on one blog post for the reader to share a different blog post.

Amazing, right?

6. With Social Warfare plugin you get social proof with share counts

What if someone reads your article, loves it, wants to share it, but doesn’t fill inspired enough to click the share button? What would make such a reader share the article before leaving your site?

Do you know that merely indicating how many other people have shared the article is a powerful incentive to convince others to share your content?

That’s based on a proven psychological concept of the herd mentality.

Social Warfare helps you leverage this concept by displaying how many times your content was shared. That even includes tweet counts, with the social Warfare – Pro license.

It does this with precision, using the social network API endpoints to derive accurate share counts.

What if my social count is below par?

That’s catered for. You can set it to display share counts only after a minimum number of shares. Or even turn it off completely.

7. It is easy to use

Despite being highly customizable and offering multiple features, the plugin is surprisingly easy to use.

Even if web design isn’t your thing, the admin panel is clear and easy to understand.

Developers can conveniently make alterations on their website CSS.

8. You can display popular posts based on social share counts

You probably already have a popular posts widget that displays popular posts based on the number of views.

Social Warfare goes a step further with its popular posts widget displaying popular posts based on social share counts. That’s a great strategy to get even more people reading the most shared posts and, perhaps, sharing them even more.

display popular posts based on social share counts

But that’s not all.

You can display popular posts on the widget based on specific social networks.

The widget display is also customizable, with options for:

      • post thumbnail images
      • custom visual themes
      • image and text
      • custom date range

9. Get more shares per article

The Social Warfare WordPress Social Sharing Plugin makes it possible to get more shares per article.

How does it do that?

click to tweet quote

Perhaps you’re reading through an article and find it so interesting that you share it by clicking the share button. Then, as you continue reading, you find one paragraph so captivating, it deserves to be shared. And the paragraph is conveniently highlighted with the tag “click to tweet.”

By merely clicking to tweet that paragraph, you’ll be sharing the article twice.

That’s made possible by Social Warfare’s Click to Tweet Quotes.

10. With Social Warfare you get to pin your images – not just share articles

In social networks, images get far more engagement, comments, and shares compared to text.

Social Warfare helps you ride on that trend by providing an image hover pin button. Whenever readers hover their mouse over images in your blog posts, a “pin” button appears.

So, they can simply click on that button to share the image on Pinterest.

That alone will probably produce a more significant effect than sharing the blog post.

11. Customize your shared content

Are you wondering, “If readers share quotes and images from my blog post, how will that produce traffic to my website?”

Here’s your answer.

Social Warfare lets you customize the content shared by your readers.

Warfare Social media descriptions

Social Warfare Pro lets you determine the specific image, description, and title that will appear when readers share your blog post on Google, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. You can do this for any other network that uses Open Graph data for social shares.

Customizing the images to display on each social network is particularly crucial since each platform has unique image dimension requirements.

You definitely don’t want the most significant half of your image cropped out of view just because you placed a landscape image instead of a portrait one.

Adding a captivating description to a shared link or image can compel more people to click and read your content.

Of course, you can also add a link to your content with the shared quotes and images.

12. Helps recover lost share counts

The people behind the Social Warfare WordPress Social Sharing Plugin understand that every share counts.

Hence, they designed the tool to track down all your shares, even when you change your permalink settings.

Perhaps you shortened the URL of our blog post after realizing a long URL wasn’t good for SEO. Social Warfare’s share count will continue counting shares for the previous long URL, as well as the new URL.

You never have to worry if you change your permalink structure, connection protocols (HTTP or HTTPS), domain prefixes, or change domains.

recover lost share counts

It doesn’t stop there.

Many people probably used other social sharing plugins before settling on Social Warfare. If you’re one of them, you’ll be glad to know that Social Warfare will take into account the shares you had before you started using it, even if you didn’t have any social sharing plugin.


Simple. The plugin makes an API call to each social network. This way, it gets the accurate number of shares directly from the site.

13. Gives you social authorship

Social warfare facilitates social authorship.

This means including your social network username in the content readers share on social media. Social authorship lets you build your brand and presence on social networks even as you drive traffic to your website.

It involves:

      • Facebook author and publisher attribution
      • Twitter publisher and author attribution
      • Facebook app link for advanced users
      • “via @username” added to tweets
      • “via @username” added to pin descriptions

14. Engaging, presentable shared content

Media-rich tweets tend to get more engagement. Twitter Cards (large image cards) will help you achieve that.

This is one more benefit you’ll get with the Social Warfare Social Sharing Plugin.

It also applies to your Pins. The plugin ensures your site is Rich Pin ready.

To complement the appealing look of your shared images, you need short, memorable links. The plugin produces such short links using Bitly.

Apparently, every minute aspect is catered for.

15. Gives Performance evaluation

If in doubt, you can easily tell whether the Social Warfare plugin is useful through its in-built clicks tracking system.

The plugin lets you shorten shared links automatically using Bitly to track all the clicks on your links. By adding Google Analytics, you’ll get specific UTM tracking codes for each shared link. With that, you can tack all your shared links.

Warfare Plugins

Using such insights, you can evaluate the performance of your social shares and even figure out better placement for your share buttons, better image choices, and other factors.

16. You can change it to your own language

Although the plugin comes in English, you can contribute to the plugin’s translation project and have it updated to your local language.

This is excellent news for blogs targeting non-English speakers. And it can be a great way to make your blog stand out.

17. Future updates

The team behind Social Warfare plan to add new features as the social networking space continuously evolves.

For instance, Instagram currently doesn’t allow sharing from another website. When they do, Social Warfare will add an Instagram sharing button.


Should you go for Social Warfare pro?

The fact that a premium plugin is expertly coded not to affect your website load speed should be reason enough for any serious blogger to opt for it.

Since the plugin offers many nifty features that you would hardly find in many other plugins, it’s certainly worth going pro. Such features as share count recovery, click to tweet quotes, and customized shared content will save you countless hours while boosting your shares and traffic.

You can try the free version of Social Warfare, but to get the full extent of those features, you need a Pro license.

Social Warfare pricing of $29 for a single site license is certainly a great offer.

Did you like this social warfare plugin review? Which other social sharing plugins would you compare to this? Share in the comments section

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