30 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs As a Beginner


30 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs As a Beginner


Where have all the good clients gone? Why is it so hard to find high-paying freelance writing jobs? Are there no more clients paying $100+ per article?

Many writers keep asking such questions.

In reality, getting high-paying freelance writing jobs has always been challenging. And that’s actually a good thing.

Just think about it, if you were a high-paying client, would you want to waste your time sifting through thousands of poor quality writer proposals? No, you wouldn’t.

That’s why you would place your job ads in places where it’s hard for the typical, generalist freelancer to find, but convenient for the expert niche freelance writer to discover.

So, if you want to become an expert, niche freelancer, here are 30 ways to find freelance writing jobs:


1. Use your website

hire SEO writer

This is one of the most powerful ways to find high-paying freelance writing jobs.

Instead of depending on guest posts on popular sites, why not create your own website?

Understandably, creating a site may be quick and easy, but pulling in traffic usually takes a while. To succeed with this strategy, you’ll need excellent content marketing skills.

And if you do pull it off, you might not even need to go looking for clients. The clients will come looking for you.


2. Search through job boards


ProBlogger job board


Searching through job boards is one of the easiest ways to find high-paying freelance writing jobs.

Content mills and bidding sites/ freelance marketplaces tried to “revolutionize” the process of freelancers getting clients and vice versa. Unfortunately, they mostly accelerated the race to the bottom.

Job boards, on the other hand, have stood the test of time, delivering quality for clients and premium rates for freelancers.

Besides the sites that exclusively serve job board ads, you can find many other job boards within multiple websites, including social media:


3. Pitch sites that pay freelance writers

Of all the ways to find high-paying freelance writing jobs, this comes second regarding ease.

Some sites won’t advertise writing job opportunities through job boards, content mills or bidding sites.

You’ll have to seek them out yourself.


Here are some tactics to help you:

  • Identify the sites established freelance writers write for. If you search for the freelancers, you’ll likely find their names as authors of their published content.


freelance writer - author on published content


  • Search for sites with such terms as “write for us.”


write for us



4. Guest post

This is one of the most common ways to find high-paying freelance writing jobs.

Guest posting on popular sites is much like advertising your writing services free of charge.

Don’t you know such popular sites charge advertisers an arm and a leg for those banner ads we love to ignore? And there you have an opportunity to write a captivating piece to showcase your talent and add your author bio so prospective clients can contact you.

Go for it.


5. Ask friends and family for freelance jobs

You already have people around you who you’re close too. They might give you the head start you need.

Start with your family, and then check with your friends and even your neighbors. It doesn’t hurt to ask if they could hire you for a small job. That should spruce up your portfolio.

They might even know someone else who needs your services.


6. Connect with alumni

Remember all the guys you met through your school years? Have you ever told them what you do for a living?

What about the people you associated with in common-interest clubs, interacted with in meetings or played with, in sports teams? All the people you interacted with could probably help you get freelance writing jobs.

Never burn those bridges. Always keep in touch with them. You never know when you’ll need them.


7. Follow influencers/ brands/ job boards on social media

An influencer or brand might offer exclusive writing opportunities on social media to boost their influence.

Some influencers occasionally initiate campaigns inviting clients to advertise their writing jobs within a Facebook thread. By leveraging the influencer’s massive following, such campaigns can pull in lots of client job offers:


freelancers needed


8. Use print publications

You may be online, but your clients might still be offline.

Reach those offline clients through print publications, like newspapers, magazines and professional journals. Here, you have the option of either placing a classified ad in such print publications or pitching a guest post for free.

While at it, why not also print business cards or even leaflets and pass them around your town.

You can even order such leaflets to be printed and distributed in other countries and regions, though Fiverr.


9. Cold calling


cold calling


Cold calling is one of the forgotten traditional ways to find high-paying freelance writing jobs.

A call adds a more personal feel to your pitch, and you’ll probably get an instant reply.

Besides, research by The Data & Marketing Association indicated that phone outreach had an 8.1% response rate versus 0.03% for email.

You can combine the cold pitch email with a call. Just mention in your cold pitch that you’ll follow up with a call. You can even use Skype.


10. Network, network, network

If you had an extensive network of prospective clients, reputable freelancers, and influencers, you’d have no problem getting a freelance job fast.

So, when relaxing, don’t just waste time on social media. Use that opportunity to connect with targeted influencers, clients, and freelancers.

Don’t start pitching them either. Find out about them and build a strong relationship, and once they trust you, they will approach you.


11. Build your brand

Ever wondered why big brands spend millions to put their images on every conceivable platform at every hour of the day? By the time they’re done, you’ll only be thinking of their brands when you go shopping.

You might not have such considerable financial muscle, but you can at least have your profile on as many online platforms as possible (especially in freelance directories). And make sure you clearly indicate your service offering.

If anyone does a Google search of your name, they should find you easily.


12. Pitch to companies in related fields

Pitching to related companies is one of the little-known unconventional ways to find high-paying freelance writing jobs.

You can find writing jobs in almost every field and industry. So, don’t just limit yourself to content agencies or freelancing sites.

Several fields that are closely linked to writing include:

  • website design: you can’t set up a website without written content
  • advertising and marketing: adverts invariably contain words
  • SEO: content needs to be written so it can be optimized for search engines


writing in related fields


13. Visit local companies and ask for writing jobs

This one of the traditional ways to find high-paying freelance writing jobs.

What do you do when facing competition from freelancers all across the world?

Take advantage of your unique opportunity: go local when everyone else is going global.

An in-person pitch to a local company can be far more powerful than an email or phone call. In fact, some companies require content services that necessitate the physical presences of writers.

It’s your chance – take it.


14. Target companies whose products you already use

Who would you prefer to write a review of your product: someone who only heard about your product or someone who has used it his entire life?

You’ve probably used hundreds of products in your lifetime. And the brands could be hiring writers.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can even go out to buy a product of a company you want to work with. Then use that experience to enhance your pitch to the company.


15. Attend conferences/ events

Dedicated professionals are always continuously developing their skill. That means attending conferences, events and professional training.

Besides boosting your profile, you can meet potential clients in such events.

Or, you might offer to attend and write about an exclusive conference that your client’s audience would love to hear about.


16. Cold Pitching will help you find freelance writing jobs

Cold pitching is also another good way to find high-paying freelance writing jobs.

Most writers skip over and look for other clients, but smart writers cold pitch.

Cold pitching is merely contacting the prospective client with a convincing pitch to write for them. It’s much like the proposal you would send when bidding for a job, but now you’re the one trying to convince the client to create a job opening.

Understandably, many clients who don’t advertise job offers actually have no intention of hiring writers. These three pointers will help you figure out the ones most likely to need writers:

  • Recent startups that are just launching, especially if they’ve just received funding. You can easily find curated lists of such companies on sites like AngelList.




  • Established companies that may be planning to expand.
  • Companies that hired writers in the past.


17. Ask for referrals

Asking for referrals is one of the best ways to find high-paying freelance writing jobs consistently.

Your very first client could be all you need to get tons of other clients.

Simply, ask your client to refer you to other clients they may know.

Don’t feel shy about it. If the client loved your writing, they would gladly refer you to other clients they know.

This is one reason why you must always over-deliver in whatever task you do – even if the pay may not be as good as you expect.


18. Check online classified sites

Multiple online classified ads exist, with some focused on specific geographical locations. Many businesses use them to advertise their businesses and to hire workers.

To avoid fraudsters, verify that the companies advertising on such sites as Craigslist are legitimate businesses.


19. Create a Google alert

To avoid the hassle of searching for freelance writing jobs, you can just set up a Google alert for writing jobs.

First, note the terms businesses use when advertising writing jobs, add them in the Google Alert search box and create the alert to go right into your email address. This way, you’ll be fast to pitch whenever companies have a writing job.


20. Sign up for newsletters

For many people, this might be one of the most surprising ways to find freelance writing jobs.

Many people hate getting tons of mail in their inbox, but you should love it.

Sign up for newsletters of all the target companies in your niche. Besides keeping up-to-date with your target clients’ news, they might alert you through email of any writing jobs.

You can quickly sift through all the mail by applying a search filter to identify any mail with such terms as writing job/ opportunity.


21. Contact a Content Agency

Not all content agencies act like content mills.

You can get wonderful content agencies that cater to your specific niche. Such agencies are likely offering high pay for quality content.

Often, you’ll find agencies termed as content marketing agencies or digital marketing agencies.


Content Marketing Companies


22. Advertise your writing services

Did you think only big companies advertise? You can do it too.

The impact will be much higher if you have a writer website. You can apply highly targeted adverts on Facebook, narrowing down to prospective clients in your niche.

And it probably won’t cost much before you get a fantastic client.


23. Join a contest

Winning a contest may be hard, but you don’t need to win to make an impact. Just participating in a contest can convince clients that you have what it takes.

Moreover, you’re sure to interact with other freelancers in the contest.

That’s an excellent opportunity to widen your network.


24. Execute a viral stunt

This may be the hardest of all ways to find freelance writing jobs, but it’s sure to have a significant impact.

Ever heard of the guy who created a captivating YouTube video which went viral, just so he could sell his car?

Big companies do such kinds of promotions all the time.

If you have the creativity, try it out.

Even if the viral stunt doesn’t get you a client directly, you can use that achievement to show that you offer more than just written content.


25. Update your resume

Maybe you’ve left out a skill or something you’ve learned along the way, which clients are actively looking for online.

Take time to review your resume and figure out whether it clearly portrays what you have to offer. This is especially important when filling out your bio on freelancing sites.

High-paying clients usually target niche specialists. If your resume gives them the impression that you’re a generalist, they’ll simply look elsewhere.


26. Pitch clients offering a different job

Sometimes clients don’t know what they are looking for. It’s your job as a professional to help them.

There may be clients out there offering different jobs, like SEO optimization, but what they need is writing services, since they have very little content on their sites. Many writers don’t realize this, but you can enlighten such clients on what they need and pitch them your writing service.


27. Join targeted forums and social media groups

This should be one of the most obvious ways to find high-paying freelance writing jobs. You can easily find clients if you go where they spend their time. You’ll likely find them in forums and social media groups in your particular niche.

If you’re a business writer, why not join business forums and groups like The Smart Passive Income Community.


The Smart Passive Income Community


As you spend time in such communities, you’ll likely come across someone looking for writers.


28. Clean up your web trail

Did you hear about the woman who lost her NASA scholarship because of her own tweets?

Don’t be a victim of your own making.

Perhaps clients have been checking you out online and dismissing you after seeing the poor quality of your content. Or you have too many negative reviews online.

Track all your activities online and delete anything that will give you a bad name.


29. Do something extraordinary/ wild/ unconventional

If things still haven’t worked out for you, it’s time to go crazy – with limits of course.

You need to do something out-of-the-ordinary to stand out from the crowd. Maybe your proposals have been all too conventional. Why not spice them up a bit. Could you send your proposal as – wait for it – a song?

Crazy, right?

Such a tactic will work well with clients who value out-of-the-box thinking.


30. Join a job-search challenge organized by a successful writer

Ultimately, we all need a helping hand. If you totally can’t do it on your own, join a job-search challenge organized by a successful freelance writer.

You’ll typically get step-by-step guidance and advice along the way, in case you meet any huddles.

You might also benefit from contributions from other freelancers. For instance, an online freelance editor offered free website evaluations and editing services for participants in Bamidele Onibalusi’s Earn Your First $1,000 as a Freelance Writer Challenge.



As the internet continues to evolve, many other opportunities to get freelance writing jobs will open up. So, keep your eyes open, and don’t get stuck in your old ways.



Which of the above methods have you tried to find freelance writing jobs? And which ones have worked best for you? Share in the comments section below.
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    I agree, searching through job boards is one of the easiest ways to find well-paying freelance jobs (not only writing) but you need to choose this board very careful! For begginers it’s better to choose some newbie platform with lower competition, so you can simly create the portfolio. I`ve done it recently at Beesy.pro. Now thinking about my own blog and collaboration with influencers. Thanks for your list and all tips!

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