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Best Premium WordPress Theme Marketplace


When choosing a bank to keep your money or a financial transaction platform to use, your primary concern is most likely security. Likewise, security should be your key concern when choosing a theme for your WordPress website; otherwise, you’ll lose the money even before you make it.

This is critical since statistics from WPScan.org showed that 11% of WordPress security vulnerabilities come from WordPress themes.

Worse still, 52% of WordPress security vulnerabilities come from WordPress plugins.

Premium WordPress themes solve both issues:

  • Unlike free themes, developers have the incentive to create secure themes.
  • Such themes are feature rich; hence, you won’t need unnecessary plugins.

Besides that core aspect of security, each premium WordPress theme offers unique features that you’ll hardly find anywhere else.

So, here are the 6 best premium WordPress theme marketplaces that will make you scream, “Shut up and take my money!”


1. StudioPress


StudioPress - one of the best premium WordPress theme sites


StudioPress, coming from the Genesis Framework creators, ranks among the most recognizable names of all premium WordPress theme sites.

Two key things make StudioPress popular among developers: the minimalist framework, the Genesis Framework, and its SEO-friendly design.

If you wanted to, you could radically change how your site looks every week without hurting your search engine rankings. This is because, unlike other premium themes, the design functions of StudioPress themes are kept separate from the core code.

You can instantly update how your site appears using what is referred to as a child theme, while leaving all core Genesis functionality and SEO benefits untouched. The Genesis’ turnkey design gives you access to an assortment of beautiful frames built on HTML5.

The optimized code plus smart and clean design architecture are beneficial when you want to achieve the best SEO rankings possible. Additionally, the Genesis Framework now supports Schema.org code allowing you to output microdata within your website’s code.

With the Genesis Framework automatic updates, your code will always be fully optimized and up to date.

Best of all, the pricing plans are one-time fees which give you unlimited updates and support.

The Genesis Framework comes at a $59.95 one-time payment.

The StudioPress themes are available at different prices each, but you can pay $499.99 if you wish to access all StudioPress themes.

When you opt for the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package, you’ll get access to all the child themes currently available and all future themes, without incurring any additional cost.

What if you can’t afford any of those plans?

Well, StudioPress has made things easy for you. When you subscribe to the WP Engine premium hosting plan, you’ll also get access to the Genesis Framework plus an additional 35+ StudioPress themes for free.

That means you only pay for website hosting.


2. Elegant Themes


Elegant Themes


Elegant Themes is one of the best WordPress theme sites if your goal is to create multiple sites.

Perhaps the best aspect regarding Elegant Themes is the model they use in pricing. With this premium WordPress theme site, you can say goodbye to the traditional per-website pricing as they offer unlimited use for a single low price.

The site has various WordPress themes which you can use in business sites, blogs, magazine sites, e-commerce stores, photography blogs, real estate sites, and many more. And you get three excellent plugins once you join the Elegant Themes Membership.

And it’s not a WordPress theme marketplace.

The team at Elegant Themes has developed all the WordPress themes on the site. This ensures you get quality code optimized for both performance and speed, besides being compatible with a broad variety of WordPress tools and plugins.

Elegant Themes is an acknowledged leader in the development of WP themes and plugins, having been in this business for over 10 years. Their products are well thought-out and maintained.

Whether you’re a WP professional or not, you’ll definitely find value in the affordable Elegant Themes membership. For just $89, you get access to all Elegant Themes products for 12 months with updates and support.

However, the $249 lifetime-license is the most cost-effective option, giving you access to all products. Besides the existing themes, you also get access to all updated and new themes.

Both plans let you use the products on unlimited websites.

If you intend to set up multiple blogs using different designs, this is one of the best premium WordPress theme sites that offers an excellent choice at an affordable price.


3. Themify




Themify has a collection of well-designed and beautiful themes, as well as useful plugins.

This makes it one of the best premium WordPress theme sites that gives you all you need to build a complete website.

Among the amazingly rich supply of plugins is the Themify Builder. With this plugin, you have the power to easily create and develop your site layout using builder add-ons and rich media features. With the Themify Builder, you can create any design with a live preview on the frontend.

Another great plugin is the Post Type Builder that lets you make custom templates, post types, and taxonomies without any coding experience.

Themify facilitates the creation of mobile-friendly and responsive WordPress sites using the drag and drop page builder functionality. Hence, your site will fit well on Smartphones, tablets or desktops. And every theme has the best-in-class builder drag & drop feature.

Above all, they come with a retina ready design.

Of all the Themify themes, Ultra is undoubtedly the most popular. It can be used for both e-commerce and general sites.

The themes come with built-in options to help in customizing your site without any trouble. The framework used allows for quick theme customization without interfering with the underlying code. Simply adjust theme styles and settings through the options panel.

Other notable features include:

  • unlimited colors
  • unlimited theme fonts
  • latest CSS3 and HTML5 coding
  • money-back guarantee

If you want only one theme, it will cost you just $49, bundled with one year support & updates.

If you want all themes, you can choose between two options:

  • Master Club: Gives yearly access to all 42 themes with Photoshop files, 24 builder addons, 12 plugins, and 5 PTB addons for $89. This also gives you access to new themes, addons, and plugins, plus support and updates.
  • Lifetime Club: Gives lifetime access to all 42 Themify themes with Photoshop files, 24 builder addons, 12 plugins, and 5 PTB addons for $249. This also gives you access to new themes, addons, and plugins, plus support and updates.


4. ZigzagPress




ZigzagPress provides premium themes built on the Genesis framework.

Such themes are supported by leading browsers and are mobile responsive; precisely what you would expect of premium WordPress theme sites.

Each theme comes with a unique design. They certainly have a nice look that is not “boxy.” Many are HTML5 and allow for unlimited domain usage.

Most of the themes here are designed for use in blogs and business sites. Several others can be used as e-commerce, magazine, and parallax themes. You’ll also find a few styled explicitly for photographers.

You’ll get an assortment of shortcodes in your theme, which facilitate for easy and fast posts/ page customization. Having the built-in codes is advantageous because their CSS styling is pre-designed to match the styling and color of the theme.

A lovely theme that freelancers can try out is the Slush. Using such a delightfully designed theme, you’re sure to capture attention and boost sales. It has a beautiful blend of marketplace and marketing, producing a comfortable online space where you can feature your work and share your thoughts. And it’s packed with customization options that make it easy to tell your story in both pictures and words.

For $249, you have lifetime access to all ZigzagPress products, and you can join the Theme Club for only $89 per year.

As a Theme Club member, you get access to their complete theme collection, updates, new releases, and support forums. There’s no limitation if you want to use their products on both commercial domains and personal sites. Plus, you’re free to cancel or upgrade your ZigzagPress account at any time.

Alternatively, you can pick a single theme for just $49. It comes bundled with one year support and updates.


5. MyThemeShop




MyThemeShop offers several beautifully created premium WP Themes, as well as some free themes.

From this site, you’ll get themes to use in blogs, magazine sites, e-commerce sites, business sites, and many more.

Unlike many other premium WordPress theme sites, MyThemeShop is both a theme club and WordPress theme shop. That’s because all MyThemeShop products (themes and plugins) can be bought individually, while the site also offers a membership option. Membership gives users unlimited access to the entire MyThemeShop product range.

The themes are designed with a significant focus on usability, each having an options panel for users to customize many aspects of the theme.

The themes are also feature-rich.

They have built-in ad management functions, lightweight and stylish social-sharing buttons, and contact form functionality, besides other features. Additionally, all themes have a collection of shortcodes, allowing you to add eye-catching design components to your site quickly.

An important aspect is that MyThemeShop allows users to choose which features they want in their theme. The elements can be selected from a drop-down list.

All MyThemeShop themes have a fully mobile responsive design, a critical feature of all premium WordPress theme sites. That means quick load times and cross-browser compatibility.

Single WordPress themes from MyThemeShop are priced at $29 – $59 each, and they come with several plugins.

You can also get MyThemeShop extended membership for $9/month (paid annually). This gives you access to all products available from MyThemeShop, including all 102 premium WordPress themes, all 19 premium WordPress plugins and access to all new products.


6. WooCommerce/ WooThemes




WooCommerce (formerly WooThemes) is an acknowledged market leader in building eCommerce WordPress platforms with a global reach.

It’s one of the premium WordPress theme sites that provides a platform which can be used to extend stock WP-powered websites through a broad range of innovative WordPress themes and plugins, including the hugely popular WooCommerce plugin.

Using WooThemes, individuals and businesses can have their professional WordPress sites launched affordably and quickly. They have a wide selection of products suitable for personal sites, magazines, portfolio sites, gallery style sites, and business sites.

Notably, the WooCommerce Storefront Framework is e-Commerce-focused.

And, unlike many other premium WordPress theme sites, the Storefront Framework is free.

This Storefront framework may be free, but it has been carefully built and is maintained by the site’s core developers. The framework provides water-tight integration with WooCommerce themes and extensions. This is vital in preventing conflict between themes and plugins which can affect uptime, a critical aspect for any e-Commerce site.

It has a flexible, responsive layout with a nestable grid system, as well as the enhancement for SEO performance. Whether your store is viewed on a handheld device or computer, it will adapt easily and give a beautiful display.

On the homepage, you can display product categories, top-rated products, recent sales, on-sale products, and featured products. You can change the feel and look with just a couple of clicks, using the WordPress Customizer. And you will also see the tweaks in real-time.

The Storefront is clean and straightforward by design, making it the ideal starting point when you want to match and customize your store or brand.

To add even more functionality, purchase the WooCommerce extensions and child themes.

Each Storefront child theme costs $39.

The 400+ official extensions have different prices, such as $199, $249, and $49. Some are free. They feature payments, shipping, marketing, and accounting, among others.

Alternatively, you can purchase the $69 Storefront Extensions bundle. It contains multiple extensions, including Storefront Powerpack, Storefront Product Hero, Storefront Reviews, Storefront Mega Menus, Storefront Product Sharing, and Storefront Pricing Table.

Each purchase gives you a single site license.



The importance of choosing the right premium WordPress theme sites cannot be overstated.

The right premium theme will give your content the pizzazz it requires, make your site load as fast as lightning, and make your site responsive across all devices.

However, choosing a great WordPress theme may not be enough if your site doesn’t have useful content that delivers tangible value to your audience. Therefore, once you have the right website theme, start creating content that is engaging and valuable.

Only then will premium WordPress theme sites help take your site to the next level.


Have you used any of these premium WordPress theme sites? What was your experience? Share in the comments.
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